Parallel and Distributed Systems Lab (PDSL)

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Jun Chen MSc Algorithms for Pre-fetching Persistent Objects
Mohammad Farook MSc Efficient, Fine-Granularity Lock-Free Linked Lists
Arne Grimstrup  MSc  An Efficient Consistency Protocol for a DSD-based Persistent Object System
Jong Ho Kim MSc Lock-Free Deletion in Red-Black Trees (co-supervised with Helen Cameron)
Zimpi Helen Komo MSc Mining Fuzzy Association Rules on Large Numerical Data (co-supervised with John Anderson)
Lei Liang MSc Mobile Agent based Routing in Ad-Hoc Mobile Networks
Jianwen Ma MSc Lock Free Insertion in Red-Black trees (co-supervised with Helen Cameron)
Anindya Maiti MSc PVM Parallelisation of a Fluid Flow Problem for Air Foil Design
Hai Pham MSc Design and Implementation of a Network Impairment Tool
Ian Scatliff MSc A Wireless Stateful Power-Aware Pre-fetch Scheme for Mobile Computers
Rajendra Singh MSc The Dynamic Construction of Clusters from Idle Workstations Using Active Networks
Mohammad Shorfuzzaman MSc In-Network Adaptation of Media Streams
Yahong Sui MSc Lazy Object Transactional Entry Consistency (LOTEC)
Xinliang Zhou MSc Supporting Collaborative Applications using Dynamically Adaptive Multicast Trees


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